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a filled, perfect weekend.

i have much that i want to say but don't really have the time to say any of it.

a quick run-down :

thursday..meg and i saw the yawns. good show.

spent the night in lakewood...

friday...shopped all day and part of the night.

friday night saw the It-Men and Party of Helicopters...someday I will write about what else we saw.

Saturday...went to Medina and saw Elf...funny movie. I want to see Old School...may rent it and bring it home for Dad...

Hung out in Medina Saturday night.

Spent yesterday with the Cravens. Cleaned the fish bowl...cleaned house, wrapped presents.

meg came over at night. we watched tv and some weird movies I have on DVD.

yep...hardly any detail but it was all really great.



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