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r.i.p. snicker the fish.

one of my two fish...snicker, killed himself yesterday. i am not sure of the exact time of death...just saw him on the floor...all dried out.

i am somewhat sure that snicker was happy. i had him for about a month. he had fresh water, a pal in heath, nice green rocks. he had it made.

the thing is, the night that i got him we watched finding nemo....i think that movie really did a job on him. i swear, if you have fish, make sure they do not watch nemo...

in other news...

got a kick ass dvd video collection from meg...its actually a spike jonze collection..granted its missing various videos...notably ween and pavement...especially the ween...i have nothing from ween on video...but the collection rocks.

also got a new hoodie...a fred rogers book (he also died this year...he was a navy seal}

and a ticket to see gbv on jan. 24th...not to mention a card about santa and bringing the goods.

tonight is christmas eve...the eve of christmas...we italians {lets here it for italians!!} are doing the traditional christmas irish girlfriend is taking part. it should be fun.

my mood is good. i mean really good. i am in a funny mood...somewhat sarcastic...see the "snicker" entry...

later today or tomorrow...

the best of lists

that means albums, shows, movies, books...

stay tuned kids.



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