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monday...somehow i ran out of time and didnt manage to say anything since maybe wed?

christmas was cool. i got the first 50 copies of furniture...only about 18 remain...and i didnt sell one...i am being generous.

i also received a swiffer to dust with, a bunch of clothes from the gap...

the indiana jones box. the cleveland indians box.

old school...unrated...already viewed once. will watch again maybe this afternoon.

parents got me a trip to cooperstown...

that will be cool.

i want to say more...however i must run to mcdonalds. shows...

gbv new years.

gbv akron

radiohead seeing them for free..being super close...this was totally worth the wait...still amazed that i saw them for free.

ash/new pornographers/flin flon

the it-men on halloween...

i am sure i have a few more but i cant place anything right now.

shows that sucked...pete yorn...performance was fun.


and then i have shows that i would like to just forget...

but don't we all?


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