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january. its 56 degrees out. i live in cleveland and its 56 degrees out. new years eve was fun. i went to laceys prom in kent. it was fun. i enjoyed taking photos. took me back to 93...meg was crowned queen, but sadly i am just jester...we came back from the party around 2:00 am. meg wanted to stay up all night...i wanted to party every we went to bed. yesterday we hung out at 27 until sometime after 2:00...then I went to visit family and then i was back in medina so we could do more of that hanging out...was loads of far the start off to 2004 has been fantastic.

as for today...woke up early...finished the da vinci it...and then i went to the Gap...then to get gas...then to giant eagle...then i cleaned heaths bowl...and then i ended up back in here we are.

we just returned from wal-mart. i now own the swiffer {tm} broom thingi...and i also own operation...its about time!!

tonight we are going back to the lake. we are going to play some atari, eat food, climb rocks...its going to be chuckie cheese styled fun. see you later.


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