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11 degrees outside.

all types of warnings for snow, wind and kicking dolphins.

i spent the 1st of two nights in medina. meghan joined me. it was fun, scary, hot, cold...everything you could want from a night in medina.

meg made me dinner...we had pancakes...with the lady syrup and the whip cream in a can.

had a brief scare when lucy kicked meghan. if you don't know who lucy is...lucy is meghans baby horse...the large 900lb baby horse that kicked meghan right below the knee...meghan being the hardcore bad ass that she is just brushed it off...

meghan kicks like a dolphin.

dolphins can kick worse than baby horses. i am glad she does not have any dolphins.

i am developing a cough. if the cough gets talented enough i may take it on tour.

ah..well...enough for now.


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