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mid week.

the cavs won. i admit now that i follow the cavs. i am thinking of going to a game soon. need to find people to do that with.

its supposed to snow today. woo-hoo snow!

i am going to either do laundry tonight or make sauce. i have not made sauce in almost a year. i have not done laundry in about 2 weeks.

didnt get to see meg last night. she had horse troubles and it became late.

i did end up watching the simple life, 24, 2 episodes of the real world and part of the cavs game.

you can make fun all you want about that schedule of shows...i loved every minute of it.

john stiratts band is playing the grog in feb. so now it looks like this:

gbv - next sat in columbo.

hank III - sometime in early the grog.

john stiratt - feb 17 at the grog

mt. t expierence - sometime in feb at the grog {this show is a meg favorite...totally new for tony}

at least drab feb will have some points to rock...not to mention the valentines weekend which i am already in motion for.

i want my hair played with.

time to eat the yogurt.


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