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monday. so many more mondays to hack through this year.

so...the weekend...ended up getting a 475 yamaha home rules. it took most of friday night to set up. the sound is pristine. i am going to have a party around the 3rd weekend in feb so we can all enjoy.

saturday i woke up early and meg told me to go get her a cinnamon roll. i was almost perplexed on where to go. i ended up at panera. i bought us cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. spent the rest of the day running around and then i watched the snow fall.

saturday night was the IT-Men. They rocked. I am sad that they wont be playing for a while. We werent going to stay for the other band but I drank enough where it was the best choice. They really sucked. I mean, awful sucked. All they did was covers. At least 75% were covers. Me, Meg and Tom kept making fun of them and Tom and I could only come up with how these dudes were 40...that and how they sounded like prom. we left after that.

meg and i spent the rest of the night playing uno. sucks that playing uno means exactly what it does. we played 30 hands friday night. its muppet forego everything else for muppet uno, trust me.

spent yesterday alone. this is the 3rd or 4th sunday that i have spent alone. i was productive. wrote about 7 pieces and am happy with them all. listened to lots of gbv, ween and some others. ate lots of good food. thats how sundays used to be, me getting up and just hanging out spending the day eating, drinking and doing nothing...i have had 3 or more of those in a row and they are nice.

gbv is supposed to be this saturday. bob has a back injury {that makes 2 of us} and the show might get cancelled/postponed...we shall see.

yogurt time.


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