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gbv is cancelled...hoping to be made up in the spring...back injuries really suck.

early yesterday i wasnt all that into going to columbo...i think it was more with the possibility of it being cancelled...i didnt want to set myself up for a fall...then i listened to gbv on the drive home and got excited. then the show was cancelled.

tim tobias is playing at the grog but he is playing with slumber party...they suck who knows what will happen.

stay tuned.

in other news...the belle and sebastian dvd is amazing...near perfect.

meghan came over last night {i so love her} and we had dinner...then we watched some tv, some belle and some more tv. it was good, clean, harmless fun.

now i want to go and see old 97's. that show is tonight. might have to pull some last minute strings.


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