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sitting in medina. yesterday afternoon i left the lake and headed to the country. hung out here and eventually we headed up to coventry. we stopped at big fun and ate tasty foods at tommys. meghan and i each had milkshakes. she had mint chocolate chip and i had black cherry.

after the food we stopped in big fun. i grabbed another atari game.

following that we went to the grog. i wanted to see tim tobias...and we did...we just skipped his band..why?

because the slumber party SUCKS!

after that we went back to the lake and listened/watched the flaming lips new dvd thing for the robots.

this morning we went to giant eagle and did food shopping. meg was thrilled with the purchase of ginger snaps. we also bought bananas so she could make pancakes. we ate food, watched tv and then came back here.

now meghan is begging me to get a job selling pre-paid death plots or working at a adult "store" as a "clerk"...


that is really it. woo-hoo.



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