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edited. monday.

my weekend was rather uneventful.

rented a few movies. enjoyed 2 out of three.

my friday night plans fell through. phone rang after 2 and then again shortly after 4. the 4 am call woke me up. i ended up watching tv. hardly anything on at that hour.

spent saturday being lazy. slept most of the day away. woke up at 4:00 sleep cycle still in shambles.

sunday i was up early. read the paper and shopped for foods. sloop and i had lunch. after lunch we went to 1/2 price. i bought the new grandaddy. i found it for 5.00. i could kick myself for not getting the album back in august when it was released.

spent part of the day exchanging bits of information with the speller. all info was exchanged through voice mail. in just over 2 years of having VM, she is the first to ever add onto a message. i feel like i may have met my voice mail competition. i have to say that her 1st long message had me laughing. zero chuckle, full on laughter. spellbound!

in other news

outkast won some grammys

my bed smells like a peach



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