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tuesday. for some this could be sunday.

for others it could be any day of the week.


something new.

5 albums that I will listen to today while at work:

grandaddy - through a frosted glass plate e.p.

red house painters - songs for a blue guitar

764 hero - nobody knows this is everywhere

wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot demos

imperial teen - on

**grandaddy - sumday - just returned to me.

song running through my head that i have not heard yet today - jesus etc - wilco.

upon waking they said it was 35 degrees out.

that meant:

time to do the hair

don't need to sit in car and warm for 5

closer to cedar point opening

don't need the winter jacket (never a good idea}

should break into custard place and find the "on" switch

spent the night flat on my back with the couch. woke up around 4:00 and crawled to the bed. love the sleep feature on the home theater.

new copies of furniture soon to be on the way.

slam sunday at the beachland. i will at least go for the open.

must submit to myfavoritebullet by end of week.

sick of sunburst diary.


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