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going out for bagels

still hungry after only 1

recreating a breakfast past

get home shortly after noon

deciding the loss of couch is no bother

I find the floor

sleep 4 more hours

outside now itís dark

toy store, beds and books

craving the bed

my throat is sore

plain and simple

I have no time for cats

or bank machines

my throat is sore

why am I driving?

I want to be home

with the floor and my throat

Iíll take Vitamin C

another shower

decide to venture back out

put on something tight

tousle the hair

we shall go to Capsule

what I should be taking not attending

a distant blur and

itís back to the floor

contact the 3rd neighbor

another amazing reason why I am here

we shall food shop and drink

feeling better

falling asleep

to sweet vanilla vodka

a beautiful soother

sleep most of Sunday away

only finding time to yell

I could have used that energy

for something else

door buzzes

a Surprise Special Delivery

from the fresh faced apple scrubbed girl

Iíll call off work now

sick time and benefits

itís beneficial to be sick

I get paid for this


woke up

found my car

ticket less, drove away from the parking meter

bought the morning paper


and woke up

began watching movies

and going back to sleep

Lester Berman - He rules

EA Sports Baseball

I can no longer multi task

decisions of which room the pillows belong

where to place the phone

and the box of Kleenex

these are now deemed the important things

at rush hour I become hungry

clip coupons in search of beef and cheddar

end up with chicken and bacon

courtesy of the red haired freckled girl

voice mail from parents

ďgo to a doctorĒ

I whine I fight

because I am not sick

Iíll do it tomorrow

three hours later

sitting in the waiting room

bright lights, I feel like a gremlin

3 TVís

too loud


too loud

Spanish couple

too loud

please call me

Iím falling asleep here

Iím the best-dressed person in the hospital

proud to have insurance

doctor tells me

ďyou have something, a flu;

loosely resembling monoĒ

I laugh


high school kissing

been a while for both

I have excuse 1004150320

didnít know that many existed

Wal Greens

bright lights

and a girl named Cathy

short hair, skinny, glasses and a lab coat

starts asking questions

birthday, address, phone number

when you feel like I feel

the closest things to you seem farthest away

I respond slowly I must listen faster

I wander around

while she prepares to make my life better

minutes later

I hear my name

confused, as if I won an award

I cycle back

I tell her

that I need more things

I find milk

chocolate licorice and hand soap

Cathy rings me out

asks more questions

not sure if I am witty or what

or just pathetic enough that she is being nice

I wish her a good night

excited about my medication

donít care about generics

I charged it

that way next month I can remember this

I am glad I have credit

**beachland, sunday 7:00**

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