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back in early january i was lucky enough to get a nasty cold/stomach flu type thing. i was down and out for a solid 5 days.

fast forward...

maybe two weeks ago i had a lingering cough. it wasn't all that bad.

as of last week the cough started to take me over. stopping speech, me gasping for air.

i decided to do something about it. i went to the doctor and he prescribed me some crazy pill.

i was just on-line looking at the pill that i assume i will get later today or tomorrow. i have not yet picked it up because the cough has been somewhat relaxed the past couple days.

back to being on-line. said pill {which i will be swallowing} is not to be chewed. chewing this pill can cause numbness of the mouth and the throat to close up. what in the hell is that about? I have to admit that maybe a little numbness of the mouth could be fun. i do love novocain and i do enjoy general pain in the mouth...but closing of the throat? it mentions that the throat will close at a rapid pace. rapid! doesn't say if it can kill but i would think that the closing of the throat is not the best thing going.

it also gives the standard warning of not drinking which i see as a non-threat..but then it mentions that it can leave people sedated and can cause visual halucinations. keep in mind that i have a nagging cough. i dont even cough anything up...its a dry, raspy cough.

maybe the doctor could see the bored look in my eye...i have no idea. side effects crack me up.


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