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earlier this week i went and saw the autumn defense at the grog.

it was a night out alone for tony. granted sloop, the speller, jack-o-line, courtney, ken, the yawns, lisa, and a host of other regular players were out.

i began drinking early. i don't think a band played a note and i was 3 blue moons ready.

the opening band somewhat sucked. just dry and boring. the yawns were good but i was busy talking, playing pinball, ms.pac man and doing shots. i need not ever do shots.

eventually the autumn defense came on. the autumn defense features john stirratt from wilco. i had been waiting over a month for the show. so, the autumn defense begins. i watch a few songs on my own and then head to the speller where i pretend we don't know each other. watch some songs. the speller goes away. lisa and i make fun of asshole guitar player {see later}.

anyways, at some point the speller returned. we started talking. we were in front of the stage. the next thing i know is john stirratt is right in my face {he came off the stage} and said that we should take our conversation elsewhere. i felt awful. wilco is a favorite band. i was thrilled to be at the show. autumn defense was boring. not awful, just boring. i scattered and cowered. the band then totally rocked out. they sounded great. the song could be heard.

so, instead of leaving after the show i decided to stick around and say that i was sorry. i didn't want to become "that cleveland guy" even though most of the crowd were all yawns fans and the band played better after the incident.

anyways...this is all hazy. somehow i found a ticket for deathcab on my birthday, i was going to keep it cause it had my birthday on it. i was doing shots. somehow lisa found the girl that the ticket belonged to. she started talking to me. we somehow started talking about gbv. she tells me one of the other guys in the band {not the asshole} is from dayton. i didn't care.

minutes later the soon to be asshole appears. the same girl is now hitting on him. i don't care. i go and approach him saying that i am sorry, didn't mean it, blah, blah, blah. this asshole calls me an asshole tells me it was uncalled for. its a bar, your band sucked. he should be lucky anyone stayed. i wanted to hit him. i wanted to knock his stupid 70's gay haircut flat off. suddenly i went from bad guy to good guy. my friends cheered. nobody from out of town calls tony meda an asshole...

well, now i felt worse. i couldn't leave.

ben talked to me and then he talked to john. then john and i talked. he felt bad, i felt bad, we all felt bad.

john explained that it was the end of the tour, small crowd etc. he apologized for the asshole. i still wanted to hit the asshole.

in the end it was a moment. so far my adventures with the speller. yep, i am choosing to call them adventures has won me a scrabble game, lost me a pillow fight and our conversation was so engaging that john stirratt needed to inform us to take it elsewhere.

what will next tuesday be like?


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