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my morning drive consisted of the window somewhat down and me rocking alone to the clash. going through my "wish i could have seen the clash" bit. screaming the lyrics, singing the backup harmonies, feeling the energy.

then, i started thinking about stereolab on april 9th. i need to get tickets for that soon.

just now i find out that prince is touring again and coming back to cleveland, doing the hits for the last time. granted, i have seen prince and stereolab, the thing is i need to go to both of these shows.

based on all of that it should come as no surprise that i used to love {and still have a soft spot} for cypress hill.

its great to know that i have been lumped in a strange way with charles bukowski and andrew dice clay.

pittsburgh. 1996. or was it 97? i think it was 96. anyways, me, ben barnes and schwa, driving around listening to david bowie/queen under pressure. we cried. something was in the air. our bond was tight. we sang note for note, line by line. i remember being in moon, driving the streets. we were in my old nissan. it was fantastic. i havent listened to bowie in a good year or so. lately i have been all about lodger again. lodger easily being the best thing that the man has ever, ever done. then today i catch under pressure on vh1 classic. i remembered that time. it was about a week before my birthday. we had seen necron 99 the night before. they did a chilling rendition of helter skelter. i went to ides and bought my first gbv ep. it was amazing. sometimes songs do that. sure, most songs stir up moments...but specific 5 minute intervals that can never be touched, that is the shit. sorry for the lapse of hearing the song and then losing track.

later that week i quit my job and my friends gail and barb jumped in my car and drove to NYC. schwa was already there. we met him at grand central. we took a train to the dakota. it was amazing. i had cried again.

those were super good times.

ben barnes was near genius. super smart. he had almost every single star wars figure ever released. he never, ever played with them as a kid. we opened all his figures and created scenes. it ruled.

lately i have been wishing to get back to all of that. i have enough saved, i want to get in the car and just go. not tell anybody. go explore. i used to that all of the time...then i became old or something close to it.

ever since i bought the home theater i have been rediscovering various albums. once a week i pull out a cd and kill the lights. i sit in my living room and just listen. the sound bounces off the walls and onto and then into me. eventually i stand, sometimes i clap, sometimes i dance around.

it gives me a sense of those times. yep.


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