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this crazy thing keeps kicking me out.

what started as a long entry keeps getting smaller.


arrived home early yesterday. it was about 2:45. courtney came over so I could help in moving. we finished last nights stuff by 6:00. we are going to do the rest early sunday morning. following that we went out for dinner. i ate a chicken sandwich. thats when i realized that i had eaten chicken 3 nights in a row. mexican, chinese and american. the mexican was the best.

planned on going to the duck last night but was exhausted from all the previous nights of the week so i instead opted for sleep. i think that i may have had more than i can handle. over the past few weeks my nightly sleep went from 6 hours to closer to 4. i felt better all week on 4. today i want to crawl under my desk and count mice.

glad to see the forest for the trees.

listen to ween.


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