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last night i watched the passion. i think its more appropriate to call it the ass kicking of christ. anyways, this was done pirate style. i further guarantee a direct ticket to hell.

earlier in the day i went to borders. i finally bought a new journal. its small and compact. it reminds me of life after god. i sound all "i found religion" that is the farthest from the truth.

i am going to attend mass this least today i am thinking about it.

back to the journal. i am going to start really keeping a personal journal again. not a personal jesus, a personal journal. i am doing this because i have a lot going on. the last few months of my life have aged me like good cheese. i am going to work those issues out by being in the olimpics, getting ready for baseball, seeing friends and writing the old way. i will use sideview as i had originally intended. that use is for poems. poems and poetic thoughts. not for me to ramble on about whatever mishaps i am enduring.

in other news. i also bought the 1st steve martin book. and i just started reading "all the names", courtesy of my laughter.

thats really it.

private eyes are watching you.


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