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my generation is closing its doors.

last week an email went out about them selling. today they send another email and they are closing. my generation is my favorite record store. i cant express what that place means to me. i have bought so many albums early, i have found so many albums that i could not find elsewhere. i moved to the west end of lakewood just to be that much closer to my gen. in all honesty, not many other reasons keep me where i am at. all my friends {minus sloop and cliff} live in tremont or the east side.

here is the email:

To the Faithful,

Things are accelerating here, and since no one has passionately jumped out to buy My Generation as a going business, we’re going to sell it to all our customers one disc at a time ‘til there’s none left, starting Friday Mar. 5th. There will be a Plain Dealer ad in the Friday! with some details such as: All CDs 10% off, DVDs 17% off, closeouts 20%off (discounts off regular prices), with no coupon needed. All sales will be final, as in, well, we are closing. I’ll still consider offers to buy the whole place at a reduced price (now at $550,000) right up to and including at the end in late April. But lease issues have made us decide to start now, selling parts of the store to all our customers on a first come first serve basis. We’ve always used this email list to break big news, so here you are, the first to know, even before the record companies and studios. Sorry for this sad dose of reality. The times they are a changin’; we’re gonna f-f-fade away.


Tom and Sue Kiss, Adam, Vicki, Kelly, Dave, Katie, Scott, Andy, Julia, Bob, and previous Generations


in other news i might go to the grog this weekend, i might stay home. i am not sure about anything but i feel good.


i want my rock-n-roll.


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