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as baseball aproaches here are my picks for what i think will happen.

mind you seeing NY do anything is not what i want to happen.

al west- aneheim {improved pitching. best OF in baseball.

al central - kansas city {central sucks. detroit might win 20 more games. cleveland is still building. minnesota lost the bullpen. chicago has no clutch}

al east - NY yankees. boston will be tough, adding schilling and foulke to close. Baltimore will be stronger. So will Tampa Bay, Toronto should produce much the same as last year, however i have a sharp feeling NY and A-rod will take this.

NL west - Dodgers.

NL central - Cubs {easily the best starting rotation in baseball. capable of winning 80 games. Astros have a tough team, brings pettite and clemens on board will make it great}

NL east - Philadelphia. Would love to see the Mets, Marlins gave up to much in off season, braves are finished and montreal needs a new home.

wilcards - Boston


World Series - Cubs/Yankees

Prediction - Pitching will beat the most expensive starting line up in baseball.


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