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things that i would like to happen:

one more gbv show

an easy weekend

no more ill-fated vacation days

***that was part of my entry from march 4th.

well, lets add 2 gbv shows, 1 great vacation day and a stellar weekend..which is far better than easy.

yep..lets see, sometime last week it was decided that meghan and tony would go see gbv in columbus...that show would be the 28th show. we had fun. first gbv show of the year. we enjoyed it so much that we decided to go to lousiville on friday.

so, after a drive back to cleveland we regrouped and headed to KY. we had no tickets, no place to stay. all of that worked out just fine. it actually was cheaper and much nicer without any plan. met some new people. the ryan adams bed salesman being the best.

the show was great. i managed 29 shows in almost 29 years.

as for saturday...we went to churchill downs and toured the Kentucky Derby Museum. we also stopped at the lousiville slugger park.

i think i could live in lousiville. its easy to get around, the people are nice and they have lots of baseball. that and its in proximity to many gbv cities.

all in all a fantastic weekend.

would have liked to write more details about the shows but i am maybe later.


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