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killing time and watching the snow fall. we are supposed to get anywhere from 5-14 inches today.

been thinking about my gbv thing. today is my 2 year anniversary since i took about a year off to get my obsession under control.

2 years ago today i saw gbv in dayton. they played for almost 4 hours. it was cold and wet but it didn't matter. i drank like a fish. a few weeks after that show i jumped on a place and flew to baltimore. met a friend out in baltimore and we went to the show. that was my first and so far only plane ride to see a band. after that things started to again get crazy. first was a free show in cleveland. after that we had the two grog shop shows. that's when i started taking vacation days for gbv. after those grog shows i had the really last minute columbus show. i think that show was decided in the late afternoon. then the new years gig. then earth day. then meghans birthday show, preceded by a show in grand rapids...its been nuts. its always weird cause after a couple gbv shows i feel refreshed. i start checking the website all the time for new tour dates. they currently have 3 posted but i doubt ill make any of them. at these last shows we had to endure the batch of new songs from the august release "half smiles of the decomposed"...the good thing is that gbv most likely will start touring in june or july. id like to see 10 more shows by the end of the year. that would make 12 total for 2004. i cant figure out what drives me to love this band as much as i do. i mean, 29 times for one band. my old record was huey lewis who i saw 7 times. that was shattered back in 97. huey and bob, now that would be a tour. i don't know if its the leg kicking action, if its wondering if the line-up will be changed by the next show, or if its that maybe they will play subspace or get under it or tight globes, i have no idea. i also notice that no longer is just one night of gbv enough. i need at least two. someday i will handle 3.

enough time killed.


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