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in the recent weeks my life has had more twists and turns than ever before. it all started very early on friday the 27th of feb. things started picking up. i started feeling grounded and confident.

now its 3 weeks later. my job is going along decent enough. in another month i will have my 3rd year here.

the rest of my life seems to also be picking up. i am coming to terms with a lot that i did wrong and fixing the things that need to be fixed. i am learning a lot about myself and others.

a couple days ago i won an auction for pixies tickets. this excites me big time. first, i get to see the pixies. 2nd, i get to see the pixies.

i mean, its the a way they are the beatles of my generation. i had to back out of a proposed trip to see stereolab...i cross my fingers it did not sell out...but i wanted to see the pixies.

i am even giving up baseball for the pixies. that and easter. i cant stand easter. if you are going to raise from the dead at least be consistent about it.

thats really it.

its weird that i never saw a certain someones feet. weird. then again, that entire period of my life was weird. if i could do it again i wouldnt.

i have to go now, scrubs is about to start.


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