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a in-house weekend turned out great.

to start things off: cliff cleaned my carpet.

after that it was off to the grocery store. meghan and i shopped for saturday.

we came back to the house and started drinking.

somewhere after 1 we passed out.

saturday i slept. after i slept i decided that i wanted to sleep more. finally at almost 5 i woke up and picked up two bottles of wine. i also cleaned up the kitchen and prepped the chicken.

by 8 meghan was over and we had a wonderful dinner. i made pretzel chicken. she made coconut squares. all that and soem pita chips, baked potatoes and we were set. we ate and talked. after the 1st bottle of wine we decided to watch battle royale. we called sloop over for that.

battle royale was great. i am ready for another viewing.

sunday i had no plans. remember, i have no money...well, i ended up in medina and meg and i ended up seeing...take a deep breath...."eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"...exhale...a really good film. an honest love story. truly romantic. really good. been thinking about it since.

thats two good weekends in a row.



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