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last night everything fell into its right place. long story short:

not going to the pixies.

suddenly going, buying 2 tickets for 200.00

then not going.

then selling the tickets for 300.00

everything comes up meda.

hung out with meghan last night. we went to the custard place. the peanut butter cup was fantastic. today is mint chocolate chip. hurray!

we watched southpark. i actually watched south park...this is something that has never happened...2 episodes. i laughed. the second episode poked fun at MLB and the steroid thing. the southpark kids called bonds, giambi and was funny. that entire steroid thing pisses me off.

i want my ride pimped. looks like all i will get is to trade in the bbt-8900 license plates for something else. thats ohio pimping for you.


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