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yesterday i bought 2 new tires for my car. that was totally unplanned. if it wasnt for the recent birthday i wouldnt have had the money for the tires.

after that i went and got a haircut. i look awesome. its short and fun.

today i wore the new shoes, the new boxers, the new cut and i look great. i feel hot.

as for last night...i was on the couch watching baseball, basketball and a bit of american idol. i talked with sloop, meghan and my dad.

the detroit tigers look good, then again so do the brewers...its early.

was fun watching the yankees lose again. i really like tampa bay.

the indians lost in least they lasted that long.

today zito pitches at 3:30...i will be watching that.

looking forward to seeing clemens pitch bonds...

it has already been an incredible few days in ball.

go mets. go cubs.

go man go.


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