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the start of a 4 day weekend...

as millhouse would say "spring break!!"

my new shoes weigh me down.

listened to a downloaded copy of the new wilco...good stuff...hopefully mr. tweedy will have a safe and speedy recovery.

indians won.

zito and those a's lost.

and the tigers won...again...thats a sweep...of toronto...its odd and amazing.

stros won.

brewers lost.

mets got destroyed.

in another week or so i will stop all this won/lost nonsense....really, i will.

as for the weekend...spring break!!

i need an oil change...with that i will have put over 300.00 in my car since last thursday...

tonight i'd like to see john vanderslice and six parts seven.

tomorrow i have to pay all sorts of bills. outside of that i have no plans at all.

saturday gattozzi is coming in. our first hangout since sept of 2002...we are going to visit meghan and the kids, go to the rush for lunch and watch ball. i am excited.

saturday night i have easter with the family. following that i have nothing.

sunday is more of nothing. monday is the home opener...

so, thats the deal.



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