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last night the cravens got back together. that spells relief.

shortly after that my parents called me. my uncle johnny passed away. to say he was an incredible man is an understatement. he spent his entire life doing good for people. he was neat, fun, outgoing, and smart. this all happens the weekend of my grandmas birthday. my uncle is my grandmas brother. anyways, i am now at 10:30 am trying to figure out a way to go to erie so that i can pay my respects. its a 2 hour drive. its either happening tonight or sometime tomorrow.

i want to see elf power tonight. based on that i will go to erie tomorrow. only problem is my cousins baptism is tomorrow...ahh!

so...thats really it. i am at the library and it is hot in here. i am going to run home and try to figure out the best option.


go indians.


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