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went to my generation...picked up 3 cd's for me and bought the new modest mouse for meghan.

took her to see elf power saturday night. lime spider had blue moon on tap so i bought us beers.

stopped in at thurdays following the show.

didnt go to erie...

spent yesterday with family and watching ball.

spent the night on the couch. meghan came over after 9 and we watched some tv.

today i have to take my car in to get the tail pipe replaced. that sucks cause it means that during lunch i have to drive to walton hills. then i have to drop my car off at the gas station and then walk to my parents house to get the jeep so i can drive back to work. i get to repeat this process after work. i wont be leaving work at 3 though because i want to come in late wed. because i bought tickets for meg and i to see tobin sprout tomorrow. going to be a long monday. long.

on top of that i have no food with me and four dollars in my wallet. i should start writing country songs.


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