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guts...its hard for me to say anything after that. i had a few people that thought i wrote that. i didnt know how to take that.

so, the weekend...

well, friday night jacklyn and i went rollerskating...holy crap was it fun.

after that we went back to her house and hung out.

saturday i watched the idians win. thats a really odd thing anymore. saturday night i saw meghan...first time in a week. she noted that i seemed fatter. 163.5 lbs and gaining.

we went out for an awful dinner. we followed that we an even more awful movie. throw in some south park and a great special on animal planet and some skittles and the night found balance.

yesterday morning we slept in. i begged meghan to let me take her for breakfast. she complied. we ended up going to the gold coast. we saw a nasty girl who had a huge overlap of flesh and a birth control patch. we also saw a man who had butter and a pancake or two. he was gross. dressed in running gear. my syrup was served special.

i spent the rest of my sunday doing nothing. i slept and slept more.

right now i want to continue doing that.



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