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a full weekend.

friday night i slept on the couch. somehow i ended up going to medina late and hung out with meghan. i stayed for about two hours and then headed back.

saturday i did a bunch of running around. i bought snacks and a camera at target.

i watched the indians suck.

saturday night i took meghan out for dinner at aladins. i want to go back soon. after dinner we went for ice cream at mitchells. we watched some tv and went to bed.

sunday morning was spent reading magazines, watching southpark and eating toast.

my arms really hurt.

yesterday afternoon was my moms graduation. took her 9 years but she finally has a degree for BW. my dad and i had a surprise party for her. it was lots of fun. food was good, spirits were high and everything worked out.

i planned on going to medina after the party but i was exhausted. i went home, put shorts on and watched survivor. the reunion was gay.

thats really it. i am all set for a nap. its great napping weather.



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