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my gold membership is finished. i no longer have the privilege of knowing who reads this crazy thing.

i will miss seeing what googles lead to sideview.

i will miss the random barry zito fans who find this.

enough missing.

i really want to talk about the weekend.

friday night was the it-men show. overall, the show rocked. totally rocked. i want to see the new lou reeds again. i also want to see the tough and lovely. and of course i want to see the it-men.

meghan went with me to the show. we camped out in lakewood.

we got up early on saturday. we ended up going for breakfast at the gold coast. this breakfast was easily one of the most bizarre breakfasts ever. i dont have time to get into it. but i will say this, they had a short bus. and the people working asked us more than once if we were part of the short bus. maybe we woke up, maybe we had bedhead...we looked good and we arent slow!!

breakfast also included a most humorous man crossing the street. again, i dont have enough time.

meghan spent most of the day with me. we hung out and looked at pictures. it was fun.

saturday night my phone freaked out. i ended up going over cliff and vickis for a bit. spent part of sunday in medina. good stuff all around.

so now its tuesday. the indians are in 3rd. they have a 5 game win streak. the custard flavor is mint oreo and everything is coming up meda.


yep, do it yourself. the new bullet is out. please visit the site. i am the cute guy on the poets page.


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