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i am bored. i am sitting at work. i am working overtime.

so, the past couple weeks...has it been that long?

i have nothing to say.

this friday is my 30th gbv show and the 2nd in dayton. meghan and i are leaving for d around 3. we will be staying at tbas' house.

went to 2 indians games over the weekend. we played oakland and we won.

going to kentucky in a few weeks and then to cinci the week after. might go to nyc with sloop for a weekend in july. i need to get out of town. i need a vacation.

had a sweet memorial day. hung out with meghan. we didnt do anything and it was great. we did make it down to the park and she fed some birds. she named one of them freckles. that was fun.

i have no descriptive thought at all.

i am chewing on a straw.



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