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i think its been a while since i did a huge update. i am sitting at a pc with a crap keyboard. the spacebar hardly works. anyways,

the past few weeks have been crazy.

2 and 1/2 weeks ago i got a 24 hour flu. that led into a sinus infection. that led into the first trip to the doctor. he put me on some meds and over this past weekend i had an illergic reaction. i forced myself to work on monday and lasted all of maybe 2 hours. i then had my second visit to the doctor. they shot me in the arm and gave me more drugs. i slept the rest of monday and most of tuesday. i felt really good on wed {or so i thought} and stayed at work for 5 hours. then i went to walton hills and slept. talked to the doctor and got more drugs. by friday i finally felt better. granted, i am on almost every kind of sinus thing around.

during this entire sick thing i missed a ton of work. it really sucked because yesterday and this monday i am the one in charge. so i have a ton of stuff to get done and zero time to do it. i was hoping they would open the office up today but the didnt.

other stuff...2 weeks ago i went to see the reds/indians. a couple hours after i got home my dad called. he was a mess. tells me that the 24 hour car for my grandpa is too expensive and that they are going to have to move him into a home. nothing worse than hearing my dad upset. i spent sunday and the start of that week just wanting to get my mind off things, that never happened. this past thursday my 91 yr. old grandpa had his car keys taken away and now lives in a retirement community.the really awful thing, i was too sick to help him move.

during all of that meghan ended things with me again. i guess that we were dating and things seemed to be heading in a better direction but that all fell apart. i added more things to the list of mean things said and its been almost a week since we have spoken. i just want her to be happy.

last night i finally went out. jacqueline and i went to a bar in lakewood called the shamrock. a pretty neat place...used to be the green room.

i had a few beers and managed to catch up with her. i might go with her tonight to see john vanderslice at the grog. either that or i am going to drive to niles to have a cookout with sloop and his family.

at this time next weekend i will be in cinci for my little cousins 5th b-day. i am excited. i like doing that drive. i have tickets to go see the reds/indians down there. either my dad or tba is going to take the 2nd ticket.

gbv is announcing tour dates July 1st. i still plan on seeing them. i have also decided to continue with seeing as many shows as i can before new years. i am going to go to the shows alone. thats one thing, the last 9 or 10 gbv shows have all been with meghan. i figured that the last shows ever would be with her. i dont want to get someone to fill in for her, mainly cause nobody ever could. it will be weird driving when i think to myself "i am thinking of a guided by voices song"...and then i ponder if its a good album, bad album...etc.

well, i need to get a move on and find food for my stomach. i lost a few pounds during the battle of sinus. i am hoping to gain them back.



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