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fuck am i bored. its 8:00 on a monday and i am bored out of my mind. i decided to come to the library because i already spent my fun money for the week. i did something to my back. it hurts to sit, it hurts to lay and it hurts to walk. its a new type of pain that i havent felt before. due to repeat visits and prescribed drugs last week, i will deal with the pain.

so, when i got home today i called sbc and had my service switched from mci back to sbc...easily a great decision. come next tuesday i will be part of the sbc family and will have a normal phone bill as opposed to the 74.00 phone bill i received on saturday.

after that i decided to clean heaths bowl. i really want to get him a friend and some new living quarters.

this weekend i am going to cincinatti...well, early saturday i am going...since my original plans...or second set fell through, i am thinking about staying a 2nd day...well, leaving cinci around noon on sunday and going to kentucky. i had planned to be there this past weekend...but that also fell through and i still really want to go...unless something better happens up here...i am gone.

maybe i'll write for all 26 minutes.

i am not watching baseball tonight.

i feel like a crutch.

its a shitty feeling...its a feeling that i almost deserve, but its still shitty.

yep, i have got all sorts of things on me mind.

yesterday meghan gave me a live gbv show from 2001...thats when i was on my hiatus...i sometimes wonder if i should have stuck to that...then i wouldnt be all wondering what the hell i am going to do in 2005....back to the show...decent show, vocals sound great but the rest sounds like it was recorded in a tin can. i am going to try and listen at home and adjust the levels. the first far thats all i have heard has a few keepers...but way too many songs from iso drills. i am so going to miss that band, but i doubt ill ever reach a point where i miss crap like chasing heather crazy and twilight campfire..i mean, c'mon?

tour dates...that excites me. traveling alone...that somewhat excites me.

i am like a really bad def leppard song.

i should have went to see cheap trick tonight. i asked maybe 10 people and told all of them that i would pay for both takers..good thing though cause the bank of tony is closed.

anyways, its nearing 8:30...the library creeps are going to tell me to leave.



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