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christ is it early.

i spent sunday with my dad. we had the fathers day that he missed out on last weekend since i was sick.

i made us dinner and we hung out and drank beer and watched baseball. it really couldnt have been any better.

around 6:00 i got a call from sloops sister. she was heading back to vegas and wanted to say hello. she told me that she wanted me and sloop to come visit her this fall. i said name the weekend. i made a joke about how sloop and i always plan on going places together but never do. she then told me that mrs. d. was going to pay for our plain tickets cause amy really wanted time with both of us. so i get to go vegas. i could care in the least about vegas, but getting to see amy is all together different.

later on i got a call from meghan. fist time i had heard from her since tuesday. she was sad about her birthday. apparently nothing was going right. within the first few seconds of the conversation i offered to take her out for coffee. no girl should sit alone at home on their birthday. she told me that she was supposed to go see fahrenheit 9/11 but her friend had never called. i told her that i would take her. now, considering that i hadnt seen her in two weeks, and that she went to a party that night before that "tony" couldnt be mentioned, i think i was the last choice of anyone she would want to spend her birthday with. in the end she had decided to come over and we went to the late show.

the late show being 10:20.

the movie was great. i knew i would like it just because i like michael moore...but overall a great film. audience was compromised mainly of young people. i would say the main age was the end of the film they all clapped and cheered. i hope that the bush days are numbered.

we didnt get back to lakewood until almost 1:00. i gave her a hug and told her that i wished she was more tired.

then i walked her to her car. we hugged again and exchanged a super quick kiss. it was nice.

i was walking back to the apartment and she thanked me for saving her birthday and said goodnight. that moment was tops. i felt good.

i went upstairs and looked out the window. hoping that maybe she would return.

then i went to bed. alone. again.


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