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i can't believe that its already the all-star break. the first half of the mlb season has been beyond exciting. i am surprised by the rangers, brewers, astros, mets, and indians. 4 of the 5 cause they are having really good seasons. and then we have the astros, i dont what to say about that.

i had a fun weekend in nyc. sucked coming home and knowing that zito pitched sunday, not to mention arriving to late and missing a show at the beachland and missing the it-men on friday.

nyc was basically a big drinking weekend. i feel like crap today. i need rest. i spent more money than i wanted to. i came home with a bag of candy and two pairs of much for shopping.

so, 3 days without ball. what to do.

thursday i got another haircut. i had a new girl cut it and she did it better than most. she took well over an hour and gave it some neat design. i ended up spending just as much as i did at dino becuse i tipped super heavy. also found out that the beer on tap is free while you are getting the cut etc....that cant be beat.

gbv has started announcing dates. i guess the entire tour is going to be posted by the 16th. already have a room booked for new years. less than 6 months of gbv to go.

ohio rock.


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