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last night i wanted to go to target. i felt like spending money. well, the phone rang, i had to make dinner and then the phone rang again. i left my place at 7:00 and stopped for custard. i met an older couple at the custard place that i ended up talking with for about 10 minutes.

after that i was walking back and did a wave to the reagle beagle...the place where i get the hairs cut. heather- the girl who cut my hair- came out and asked about nyc. next thing i know i am sitting inside drinking beer and talking. i didnt leave until they closed and i had a nice buzz...i met some cool people. its weird to think of that place as a place to go and hang out but its becoming that. plus, you cant beat free beer, baseball and good conversation with anything.

as for target...i am going to try and go tonight. granted, the earliest i can do that will be can only hope.


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