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sunday and i am bored. somewhat sad also.

as for the friday and saturday...friday night was fun, sloop came over and we ate pizza and drank beer. later on jacklyn came over and we ended up going to the bar.

i spent yesterday running around. i was supposed to go to a party in elyria. after my haircut i called jacklyn, she asked me to go furniture shopping with her. we went to a few places and she ended up buying a sweet love seat and chair...after that we went out for chinese...we ate like kings...we went to a place that i have never been to before. following that it was close to 8. we went back to her house and ended up washing our cars...yes...the newest in saturday night activities!

then it was 9:15. we grabbed the newspaper and found the closest showing of napolene we went and saw that. that movie is beyond funny. i cant get enough. i have a feeling i will see it a third time in the theater. after that we went to some crazy party. everyone but us was wasted...more wasted than usual. we hung out, had a few beers, watched some woman expose herself...which was super gross. we left that around 1:00 and drove to the animal hospital that she works at. she got some drugs for her cat and we went back to her house. i didnt get home until almost 3 and i was super tired. i slept til 11 today and then i napped for a good 2 more hours. talk about wasting the sunday away.

anyways, yep, great saturday...only one thing could make the weekend perfect.

thats all.


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