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the weekend.

friday night was great. i came home from work and went to the beagle for beer. that calmed my nerves. went home and got ready. she came over just after 7. we got in the car and headed to the feast. the only problem with the feast was that it was super crowded. after the feast we headed out to tremont and found a bar, had a beer and talked. overall the night was really great...flet super comfortable. will i see her again? maybe. who knows. we talked last night for a bit...i guess ill see if anything happens.

saturday i was up early. i picked up vikci and we headed down to flugtog...if you missed this event ,you are lame. it was awesome, bizarre and free. pointless to write about it, you just had to see it.

spent the rest of the afternoon at the beagle, took a nap and then watched the game. after the game i went out with jacklyn and her friends. we went to johnny mangos. i like that place. we had drinks and a late dinner. drove jacklyn bakc to stronsville and passed out.

yesterday i took my dad to the indians game. even though we lost it was still fun. lots of fun. wasnt the least bit upset about the loss.

and its monday...have i mentioned the new bed frame? and how my bed is beyond comfortable now? i have stopped the naps on the couch cause the bed is perfect.

another busy week ahead. surprise party, birthday party, picnincs, all sorts of ra-ra events.

i still need to get to cedar point. might take a day off next week. hope to find an interested party.


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