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as shitty as it is...a silver lining appears.

yesterday when i got home i had a message from a 440 cell that i did not recognize. anyways, i check my vm and its my friend amy from nyc...telling me that she was getting gbv tickets at 1:00 and wanted to know how many i wanted. i figured that she meant tickets for the free show this i called her and she tells me that she got four tickets and that if i wanted to bring a friend for the second night that she would stay home. this had nothing to do with the free show...she was talking the december shows..she remembered that i really wanted to see, what it comes down to is that she got me 4 tickets to see gbv in NYC...which totally rocks. I get to see both shows...not exactly how i imagined things, but its really cool. the shows take place decemeber 3rd and 4th...the friday show, taking place on the 3rd is 5 years to the day of the gbv agora of the best shows ever. i also get to see phantom tollbooth...and the saturday show is with chavez!!


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