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yesterday i got an email. after 9 months a copy of furniture was sold on-line...the reader liked it. that rocks.

2 more days until jacklyn moves in. the fun starts friday after work. we have to go to the furniture store to get the couch and love seat. saturday i am going to with her to pick up the bed. saturday night i am taking her out and she will be getting wasted. sunday morning we will walk for her first official Lakewood breakfast. its going to be such a blast having her as a neighbor. we are planning a trip to ikea in a few weeks. that should be fun.

the kitten is crazy. last night i introduced her to the plastic bag. talk about instant love.

going to see garden state tomorrow...excited. might go do suicide karaoke...all depends on movie time etc.

havent watched any baseball or tv in almost a week. strange.


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