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yesterday i went to lunch with the new girl...that sounds like it could be a story...its not...but it was funny cause she drove. she wanted to go to the park. the park she picked was a good 15 from work...she didnt realize that we have parks all was funny. anyways, we ate and then went for a walk. it was at some point during the walk that i decided that i didnt want to work anymore...for the day...a brief episode of office space. so i came back, gathered my things and left. i love the flexible schedule thing.

went home, did a few things and then went to target. shopped.

came home and hung out with kitten.

went to bed fairly early.

tonight is garden state...the weekend starts soon. i need that. busy the next 3 days...which rocks.

my friend diana is going with me to see helmet. i am taking the following day off. i hope to leave that show with a few bruises.

and in the end...the allergies still suck.


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