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friday night i got trashed. i dont remember all that much. rebeccas party was a blast. fun hanging out with ken, matt, ben, tom, jenny and the rest of the gang. getting excited for the tmp/it men show. went home around 4:00 am....spent saturday sleeping until 2.

spent the rest of saturday helping jacklyn move. her place is awesome. if my rent goes up as much as planned i will likely move next door.

saturday night McNugget had friends over. matt, kristin, michelle, megan, erin and jaclkyn all came for a visit.

the rest of saturday somewhat sucked. we went to a couple bars. the bars sucked. i was home early.

sunday i awoke and did a bunch of stuff that i didnt do saturday since i slept until 2. vicki came over around 11 and brought nugget some toys. we hung out for a bit. after that i finally started reading harry potter.

following that i ended up going to legacy village. the i is a we. yep.

and then we came back and hung out with kitten.

around 8 tom called to watch the vma's. him and courtney and frank all wanted to come over. i claimed exhaustion and a simple "i havent turned the tv on in days".

later on i went over jackies and set up her stereo, tv and dvd. around 11 we started watching lost in translation. near 12:00 i came home and went to bed.

a 5 star weekend.


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