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labor day is a joke. it cracks me up how those in the "service industry" still have to work. it was nice being able to go to borders on a "holiday" for those in the work force. suckers.

so, the rest of the weekend. amyo came over early on thursday and brought beer. we got drunk together and then went to pick up sloop for some crazy karaoke action. i rocked the mic.

friday i picked up the new slang and we headed to cedar point. we rode millenium, top thrill, raptor, mean streak, mine ride and a few others. top thrill was amazing. i cant compare that to anything. i was scared and then happy.

we didnt stay at cedar point for long. i ended up being home by 8. i went to the rush with erin and jacklyn.

saturday morning jacklyn and i went to ikea. she scored some cool stuff. i bought a bunch of orange things. i cant get enough orange.

saturday night i was supposed to go out but i slept. i slept hardcore. i missed about 7 phone calls.

sunday i hung out with mcnugget. courtney called and told me about a party in chester. we ended up going there. roughly 300 others went also. it was a blast. to many details to explain.

yesterday i did little. went to borders for the 2nd harry potter book and had pantera for lunch. spent the rest of the day with kitten.

new slang called later. she had fun in north carolina. we might hang out later today.

so, the weekend was stellar. i just need to shake the allergies and things could be as close to perfect as they have been in a really long time.


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