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so, i have been reading reviews of the latest gbv album.. it seems that almost every review posted on describes the album as being the best thing pollard has ever done, or a more than suitable ending.

i dont get it at all. the album isn't good. its weak. it never picks up speed. yes, it has some great songs, but the overall flow is part earthquake glue, part the albums that suck.

i dont think i could even play "i am thinking of a guided by voices song"...and have a new song in the mix. weird, it was never "i am thinking of a gbv song"

i am really glad that gbv is finished with the album making. as for touring, well rumors are starting that they might pull a roger clemems...i dont care what they do. i get 3 more shows and thats the end. i told amyO that chances are i will shed a tear at the final nyc show. chances are real.

thats where the fun begins.


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