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late last night i took mcnugget out. we went to meet jacklyns cat puma. it was funny. puma was all pissed and upset. nugget kept walking up to him and kissing him on the nose. she is the queen of affection. we are going to keep putting them together so that she has a friend. eventually he will have to like her.

so, new slang calls last night. she tells me that she just bought a 2005 acura! how cool is that! leather interior, heated seats, black on black!!

she might be getting it today. if she does she said that she is driving tonight. if its not today then she will get it tomorrow. i am so excited for her. tonight we are taking a train ride that includes a wine tasting. its so weird hanging out with someone who tells me what we are doing and always has ideas. i get to meet some of her friends tonight, it will be fun.

not sure about the rest of the weekend. might go to studio-a-rama tomorrow to see the new lou reeds.

6 days until the tmp rocks the beachland. fun abound.


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