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star wars is out on dvd. i am not buying it. at least not for a few weeks.

spent last night with the folks. didnt get back to the lake until 8 and then went over to jacklyns. the cats played together. i am glad that mcnugget is meeting friends of the feline type.

i set up jacklyns cable and then we watched some tv. went home and read potter.

tonight team natalie is coming over. she has a list of about 1000 things that she wants to do...we will see what happens.

i am already excited about the weekend. got free tickets for the new lou reeds show. the nice thing is that six parts are playing that same night, but in the tavern. a double dose of shows.

sunday is the final indians home game{now they just need the rest of the season to end...}of the season. taking my dad for his 58th b-day...58 and he still rocks.

friday looks like an irish festival in the falls. saturday day i will be working with my dad so we can get grandpas house ready to sell.

crazy zany busy.

and roctober is just around the bend. i am so looking forward to bruce, gbv, laibach, karate...yep...its going to be a swell roctober.


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