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so, the star wars dvd is amazing. i need to watch it all again. i dont care for the changes mr.lucas made this go around, but its out of my control.

party of helicopters/six parts seven. totally great show. POH was fantastic. Far better than the last time I saw them. They rocked. Six Parts were also great. Granted, they have never dissapointed. As for pirate stuff. I wanted to sharpen the boot and bludgeon the eye. They did nothing for me.

After the show, sloop and I stopped at the 5 o'clock. I cant stand that bar. The only thing that I like is that they serve blue moon.

following that we went to my friends. i ate fries. got home after 3, called a few people and left really long, "i am wasted" messages.

sunday was dads 58th. we went to the game. might have been omars last. dad liked his gift and i enjoyed time with family.

spent the rest of sunday with mcnugget. she is awesome. we went rock climbing then stopped at the church for some bingo. no, really, that cat rocks.

only a few days until bruce/rem.

last but not least...the killers rock.

thats about it.


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