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i got gbv tickets for nyc. it feels so weird, that is going to be it. i had high hopes of going to chicago. i think that after 30 shows i should get to go. i cant think of many others who would enjoy it as much as i.

oh well. it will be really cool seeing them 3 nights in a row in nyc. if its anything like the grog shows, all 3 nights will be drastically different.

i plan on driving to nyc and arriving a day early and staying a day late...that way i can hang out with friends and leave when i feel right and sober.

its all so bittersweet.

i wonder how i will be that last night. exhausted? sure. sad? sure. relieved? sure. i wonder if ill shed some tears.

more than anything, i hope those last notes from gbv are not i am a scientist. i wont hope for much more than that, that way i can be satisfied.


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