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the rest of the weekend was fun. drank a lot again on saturday. i think i have a new favorite bar.

woke up early on sunday and went food shopping. this was the first time in 7 weeks that i went shopping.

spent the day watching baseball and the movie "saved".

tom came over at night for the cards game.

looking forward to game 5 with the stros tonight.

tomorrow is game 1 of yanks/bo sox.

i figured game 2 would be thursday so i went and made plans for wednesday night. i totally forgot about the debate and game 2 is on wednesday. well, i wont be seeing either thing that day.

i need more time in the week. i am tired of working. i cant stand getting up at 5:00 am 5 days a week. i want a roommate. i want to move home. i want to live in a cheaper place or a cheaper town. i think it has everything to do with me creeping on 3 years of lakewood. i am ready for change.

gattozzi called last night. he lives in louisianna...he ran into a girl that i went to h.s. with. the world is so small. he decided last night that i am like kevin bacon and in one way or another everyone can connect to me. i cant really disagree, but i cant really agree. i wish at times that i only knew 5 people. not sure which 5 but i hate being the dot of connection.

i want coffee. i want coffee and i want to listen to music.

some stupid girl that i talked to on saturday asked me if i ever heard of pavement. i told her yes and then i informed her that they broke up. she seemed so sad. unreal. kids.


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